Tuesday, March 7, 2006
One of those stupid things...

I opened up a 2.0 website I was working on and Visual Studio decided it needed to be converted. Not sure why, unfortunately I wasn't paying attention.  Fortunately, I did tell VS to back up the project.  Went to run the website, which was working yesterday.  I get an allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' error.  What the badword !?!

(BTW, I believe coding -- much like plumbing -- requires lots of swearing to let off steam to save passers-by and inanimate objects from more physical acts of aggression.)

My first, VERY ERRONEOUS, thought was that the stupid project was trying to run under IIS, which I didn't want it to do.  I had been running it under the very handy ASP.NET Development Web Server. But I thought, I'll play along.  I created a virtual directory under my local IIS and pointed it to my website.

Same friggin' error.  More swearing.  Some googling.  What's going on?

Finally, looking at the directory structure, I see the backup folder and decide to just open the old project.  I nuke the "converted" website and copy the old files into the directroy stucture, "wisely" leaving the backup folder intact, just in case.

Same friggin' error.  More swearing. 

Then it hits me.  The backup folder has a web.config file in it. I move the backup folder out of my website tree.  I run the website.

It works. I get the last of the swearing out of my system.

The moral of the story, if you are getting the allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' error, and you have done everything to ensure you have a virtual directory set up with an application, check the rest of the tree to make sure you don't have a friggin' backup web.config file screwing things up. 

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